We are agile, smart, and efficient and we collaborate alongside you to create work that you love.
Think of the usual time gap between the brief and the completion of the project. We fill this time with honest and direct communication so that there is a mutual exchange of creative insights.
We’re creative experts – but we’re also experts in partnership because that’s what it takes to apply creativity to business problems.

We always choose the best team to work on your brief: from senior creatives to specialised partners. Amazing things happen when creativity, expertise and collaboration meet.

We view ourselves as partners in co-creating with you to make something special.
We approach every project with great passion and attention to detail.

*dual-design: Our designs are both striking and meaningful. They have visual impact – and depth. They stand out – and have a purpose.

We Are What We Do

Meaningful for a reason.

For designs to be meaningful, they need to be many things: aesthetically pleasing,
functional and strategic. And that’s why innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

We present to you design solutions that work, which are practical
and that people want to engage with.

Meaningful work is about more than beauty. It’s about creating designs
that people care about – and want to buy.

Here we are

Meaningful work, made together.

We are Julie Asschenfeldt & Aure Escuredo. Designers. Friends.
Two passionate professionals who believe in the magic of dual-design.

Julie Asschenfeldt

Creative Director & Founder

Julie is the founder and creative director of L’EstuiAE.

With over twenty-five years of industry experience, Julie has worked on countless relaunches, releases and restylings. Her designs are in supermarkets spanning 20 countries. She has also participated in 5 global relaunches of the mass-market leader Actimel.

Julie’s passion for FMCG brands emerged while completing her Master of Science in Nutrition and Household Economics, which has given her a unique perspective when approaching design.

A true Northerner in every way, Julie was born and raised in Germany and has resided in Barcelona since 2002.

Julie loves playing golf and having good talks with her family and friends over tapas and wine.

With her wealth of knowledge, Julie is ready to collaborate with anyone who values innovative and meaningful work.

Aure Escuredo

Creative Director & Founder

Aure is the founder and creative director of L’EstuiAE.

He has decades of proven experience in design and has held titles such as “Lead Designer” and “Design Director” for reputable agencies from Barcelona to Hamburg.

Aure believes in the power of creating strong concepts that lead to meaningful designs for consumers. He likes to create designs with character that resonate with consumers.

He has worked for international brands on projects requiring art direction, graphic design, packaging design and communication in the following industries: FMCG, luxury, food and beverages, health, sportswear, tobacco, culture, publishing, electronics, and public institutions.

In his spare time Aure works on personal projects that explore lettering, illustration, and screen printing.

With notable awards under his belt, Aure is all about creating holistic brand designs and innovative solutions.

All Good Things Happen In 3s.



We make a point of connecting with you first. We want to get to know you and understand what you’re after. Using our professional insight and thorough research, we find the perfect concept for your brand. Every story and process is unique. You set the pace and we steer the rest. We value your vision. And we make it ours too.



With your insights, and our expertise, we explore and start finding the right solutions.
With a shared vision, we create various styles before deciding on the one that will set your business apart from the rest.



We refine and finalise your designs,
so they stand true to the vision.
We work closely with you throughout
the production phase and
application process.


What we do best

Packaging Design
Brand Creation
Brand Design & Restyle
Sportsware Design
Design Strategy

Editorial Design
Visual Identity Systems
Portfolio architecture
Corporate & Brand Image
Art Direction
Print Production (Supvr)

Some of the brands we collaborate with: